Q: Is pick up from hotel included in every tour?

A:  Yes we picked all our guest from hotel or hostel within Kiruna. Transfer outside of Kiruna costs extra.

Q: Does all the tour you offer include food?

A: Food is included on certain tours. It is mentioned under “additional information”.

Q: Do i need to bring extra warm clothes during the tour?

A: We provide you with an winter overall, boots, mittens, hats, socks and face mask. But we do recommend to bring additional warm clothes for underneath.

Q: how can i booked and pay for the tour on your website?

A: Our Snowmobile tours you can book directly on our website. If you like to book any other tour you will need to fill in a booking request and we will send you a payment link afterwards.

Q: can i book snowmobile/ dog sledding tour even if it is my first time driving a snowmobile/ dogsled?

A: Yes you can! Our guide will give you an detailed instruction about how to drive a snowmobile/ dogsled.

Q: Can i wear glasses on the snowmobile/ dog sledding tour?

A: Yes you can but we always recommend to wear contact lenses if you can.